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JMHM&;jfiUi$(M? : tf'9^^^ ftialos <rolfe5M#li^sii^ '•yi'hrecent weekf two departs' of sexual assaulthave; been; ; entftile^ to tb^. St;. Laurence carapus. at large. Vfiiie to these attaeKsj students on thecampus hav^.fccjOine incje^sxiigly.' wbr- ./w^afeoiit'-sal^iy.' .';..v' v '\ /<\••' ': ;;Ih' *espphse t0 ^tudent cbh- /berhss several;#paytih : eiitsand. orjgamzatiptts Mye stepped for^ que#tip.n0 regardingSafety a|i3 •seswatyiofettce.' -\ \;';.f'v-.'-'- ';• i Katie f*rbtb&, ©irbctpr Of the Advocates Program;.dry the^St,: Laurence/, ^rttp«s openly &d-; %e^e4feVdl!^:^e^tidA^0pe4' by 't% : jrf$^wtf-6n\thBr^bj'eG't : of sexual assault on this campus and College qamj^iises ftgt'ioinV widb, ;'.,-\ : .-:\ .• ''•-'• ; : '\,p; '•:\• ••• -'• ing.of a sexual nature! tbat is _\^tKqutlthe / <toftse^t/6£;th^:peira. '. sbn.toUcHea;^^ i^GiUdinir;bw^^o^ ftmited |0: ttpe« $&&$ abused npmbOhsen&ualsbdbmy and sex- . ual misconduct,\ .Prbtbs ^id. ; .; Sexual #saplt;therjefor,e, can. range iri>mea^|ng; and is inciu* •siveYof ; ahy' unwanted sexual advances.;,:: :.--\U'\. '\X '.•\•' . £rPtbs .urges that %e nlimbers have neitherincreased'nor d|^. Jereased,^^but/rMher;that student; comfort leyfil-fprrepoiptingthe.m: '. tb/cam^ms i^prdyedf • -y : : -' * ;. y\Sp<far.:thi^yelary there have been: • t6:/students' who; sha^e. worked with ai member of the. - AdyOeates. Program about ah experience ol sexuala$satilti-Of, these, 8 ;have; : takeli place Since ^Augu^;2l6Gi; v W^. ; 6;.pf these ; sexu'at assaults PCGufrihg. on Gampus,\ PrbtosvsaidV*::-.:/ ; .^hesb numbers stahd in cbm- pari&ph;tp the B'sexuaj asgvaults •fhat..yireEeYrep0rl;^d\tp\thB-A4^i : catesin the 200^2007 academic yea^iFrotossaidv ;'.'';,,•••' ; . *'Althpugh : the. statistics reflect ah increase in.repprtihgi: t % not. believe. iff'e- arp: witnessing, ahincrease in ;sexhal assault on campus., The resources at St, < Lawrence ; hayeheen iniproyed ;thK)U^J .thbYr^tr^Gtu^Mig of ; the • Advocates. ProgfaTft and; the -Health:_;& ^bunseMg^^enr ter. .1 beUeV^e -we are. seeing an increase in reporting-due to.an mcrease4h trust of studentpp^y in the ,re$oi»rces. available/ oh campus for.: support .during: the aft^rrhath; of a sexual ^assault*\ ^.|^tp'$:9aidv ..>-;.~:.V : , j^ liegf^ds.to isexhai assault prevention^ excessive alcohol .consump'tioh. is .commonly re> ^Ofetbet atonek<#t^leadihg risk : factors ih sesxual assault,: . ;. ''IJnde^a^ c d5ahfeng: plays ^ a : j large, role ihsexuy}as|ahlt, Mt it does,hot cause sexual/assault: to pccur;\ Protos saict. ^ * Y\- :'!Sexual assault occurs; insitu- atipris where .both parties are; int0xicatedvpne/party,i8 intoxi^. cated pr ^either is,inteHcatedv' ; /Pi0tps-3ai4, ] • : -.j.-:.; ^ : s : -;-x\'-/r : -i vProtOs. \^ent on to state that \alcohol is, the; most, cbmmohiy iised:da^e;raperdiug due.itpithe. : way that it aflects:the;hpdy ; hy; ,16.werihg^ inhibitions.;\• 0n deck-. sioti»it may'ihhlbit®victihi ? ffom: rememberhig;thep'attac^erv ~ -: JJxi-'i responseto theieqehtoani\ -phs attacks, student responses have rreflected simUar cOneerhSi •\ . \I; wpn%vwalk an^hpre alpner . after dark, : 'y.unior QJaireH ;;Said.-/- : -.\.. i -. : .\ v '.:•.!:' •''-•'•. : ; : ;: . \.\•-••'-•- \It*? really^M'd^thjt pepple <\ really have to:actuaHy[plan bht . <;heir night so they wori'tha^e to ; walk .al^Where : by/ themsejlyes; ; oh campus^ It!sra^uis'vllagge} ' saidV'Y : - : ':•'..;•...•'•.:'' \..\ •• v . ; ' ; v-:-^> Students have not been takihg; this heS^s idly, M ahyhave exr pressed interest in Bepdefense ;..classes. Those^students\wishing^ to learn'self-defense can Register fpE classes at theYSt. vLawrence :Fitiies$ iDgnte£ v ? ' ; ::'^. •]:' < According toTPrbtps, ablie .^d^\ . yoeaies prpgram^ if ; also workihg; ; to construct a course -thatwoulf; combine a physical exeficise prpi grain^ ahdvseif^defpnse. jdommpti; ^^eriSe:i&:a1soA^k^^to^•tn^s0Xaal.- l : assaiilt pTevenfioh. Have-a plan to. '>iBturfl--hom.e.'V^ii:h¥tfosted^tt0.hd4f- you don -t feei : comfortable calljfig ^f^.alk>:^Vpid^:diinl>'int'i^l2icei ( on; cimpHs ^ftejcdafki and as basic as It;. . sounds, do^n6t ta:lk to strangers acting sujspieiousiy onipr off canirius. rWhen . drinkinghknbw; your own. personal. Jirriit, Also important is knowing the ; Ipcation^ of^be campus Pue Lights and. being; aware: of tMhornber for; ; campuf security, .;.,• . ' \ : . .-. '^j<ij4);'^sauli-js;;h6ye>dese^ed;/: and most certainly should neyerbe toleratedY Victims of sexual^assault*; should h'offeel aiharried; • : Studehts^wishing, to learn\ : more about f he Advocates Pro- gram or who' wish to speak; confinentially With; someone\ ab.but thpii?^experiences-are: encburaged. to call,the Sexual ^dienpe?*iotlihe atf (315) 'ikfc '• ;5466, ;Security.&: Safety (Sf); ;229-S555; ah4 askYto ^aCwith; ConhseibriOn Call, or cphtact the Advocates Prpgram directly at ': ; Any• Und;erag;e stud^iit as-' aahited/while: under the ibflu-. ^nce wiii hot he reprlmanded». Maggie Olsen & Erica Guralnick iSontribiitmg.Writevs , Eyefy year,. The. Women's Resphree Center, alphg with several other campui brgattiza- \tions hosts a. local Take; Baek &:l^ghK yally^. Take; Back;, ; the-Night isJavsocial protest'; and ially which recognizes the .Continuing threat of sexual and d'Omestieyibi^nce, and.strives to hring awarehbss to the.coniniu- nity and. allow th.e/vo.ices r of vic- tim^ and survivors of viplenGe .,::/: :; ; ..;; to be heard. This year's Take Back the Kight .event was a- great suc- cess;; the: chairs of the Sykes for- - mal lounge were Quickly filled leaving many .people to.stand in .the back. Moving speeches werp delivered by. Reverend Shauii ' Whitehead and r^rbfesSQrS Dan- ielle Egari and Puriei E. Harris,. and were,well re- ceived by the all- ; - dience. Following the speeches, the women of the re- . source Gpn'teriead a large number of. students. sors. and administrators on an. enthusiastic march through campus chanting protests and uplifting messages all along the. way. Upon returning to Sykes Formal Lounge a. confidential speak out for those who wished to share their stories was held. . These stories were varied and Often., deeply personal reeoi-; . lections^, told in corindenee to an- audience of .sympathetic listeners. This was definitely the most emotional part of the program for many people;, and is a .key .element of Take Back ; ;the Night. \In my four years at St. Law- . : rence, I have been to all-Take Back the Night events, but this yeaf stands out as the most put- sppkerti. thought pfovoldng; and inforrfiatiye,\ said Erica Gural- nick of the Women's Resource. ^(Benter, which, along with the. Advocate's Program; provides both .information and support, to. survivors and any- who are ' affected by violence and work to 'bring attention to these issues both on. campus and within the greater, community. ..•..':•: ^tp© ^ Stella Han :$tqftWritefX . .Leadership, Friendship, and .Service; ;These thrP.e .words • isum up what APO is all about. Alpha Phi .Omega is a national' seryic.e;fraternity : -that pUrrently ihcludes. over i 7,000 male and ,';fe^ate\'.§i|iu^en-ts..in-. ; 366 college^ campus^ { J;Purided in East^rt, Pehh^yivahia at Lafayette Gpl- lpge-to-'i0'^.;^i(h'a^PM Omega; .sbughtitp develop leadership; prPrhotefriendship, apdprovide .service tp hbhianity. Since its ;fpnhdibg,;-md^e than -SSOyObC). members have pledged to this •frateriiity,';-. '.' \•-!:\•'•; \ teS|ring2p05,theSL^chap-:• ter pf APO decided; tp disband because th©y : did npt see eye to eye ahyrtibre, The fraternity, started to focus mainly oh ser- vice' prbjectsi and lbst the idea, of fpltowsldp. They reorganized under;'another name - SLU;. ^CT.:After being inactive sinee , spring of 2O05, Sky Heiss (a brother^ ^was Tvery: ihteresfed in bringing-%ck APO^ to the . campUs.; Then alPng came.Tori rMeyer - a SLUgraduate student and fellow ; brother of APO. Tori • loyed ;her years .as an .active ..member of APO and offered her assistance in getting the SLU chapter of; APO.hack, on its feet. Since Sky Is away on study.abrbad, Tori contacted an> other member of APO - Mibhael Crankshaw-Beirce „(a Spring 2005 pledge). Together, they put up fliers around the campus arid .set Up infprmationals to promote ; the fraternity; .: All together, Tori and Michael recruited 25 pledges for the Fall 2007 pledge class. This was very thrilling since the chapter only had about 4 members pre v Viously. The Fall ^007 pledge class consists of students from all four classes (2008-2011), The piedges are excited to carry out the legacy of this fraternity and. are ebstatic to carry,hilt service program in .the St; Lawrence community. . . \ '*. • A^fflKahn, the Pledge;Class Captain, says that he washighly ihterestedriE-'APO because of its mission for giving-hack to humanity.\and the^fellowship/ -^friendship of Greek life itlwoiild. . provide. Kahn thinks that hav- ing APO oft-'-campus wili.be . good for the students arid the .fraternity will reflect positively . with everything it does, ••••' \'.' = Alpha Phi Omega allows both males and females to pledge - including First Years. APOalso does not-tolerate hazing during the pledging process. Activity wise, theffaterriity hosts many; • - events.that enable them to give back to the community. How- \ \ever APO is not just about the ; service.' APO also focuses on fel^ ' lowship and bonding with your ' fellow brothers. Fellowship (or fun) activities are coordinated to give the brother's a special time . to develop /close friends^hips. . APO brothers are committed to .-. service to the community, and the relationships that develop through. Greek life, -. - Alpha Phi Omegaisdefinitely • a.gdbd addition tp the SLU cam- pus: There are high hopes that the student body, will support .. (and possibly pledge) APO\ .and watch it prosper, ipto a. wellv ; .established fraternity.

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