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J> Ptiblislieci K.very Monday by the Press Association of ttte St. Lawrence University V0LV2. CANTOR N.Y., MAY 27, 1912. NO. 7. COLLEGE CALENDAR .MONDAY, .MAY 27. .' , 1:30 P. M. Meeting of the Board of Editors, of The Hill News in Fine Arts Room. TUEESPAY, MAY 28. 8:00* P. M... Presentation of Mid- summer Night's Dream,\ upon the campus, by the Zeta Phi Sorority. WEDNESDAY, MAY 29. - 4:15 P. M. Meeting ; of tlie Y. W. C. A. in Richardson Hall. 7:30 Pi M. Meeting of The Good Government Club at the Chi Zeta Sigma House- ••• THURSDAY, MAY 30. Varsity track, team participates in the State Intercollegiate meet at Hamilton. SATURDAY, JUNE 1. 3:00 P. M, jBaseball game, Varsity vs. Middlebur'y, on Weeks Athletic. Field. ... Enthusiasm at High Pitph^Action Tak«i Regarding, Work?out System fat iiianiigflt^Large Attendance. One. of the best college srhokers evfer held oh the Hill ^met at the Beta Theta Pi Hotise Thursday night. The attendance and spirit were both of the best, arid the entertainment provided was expeilent. The ,object of: the smoker was. to arbiise spirit for the , Hamilton track meet Saturday. Speeches were made by representa- . tives .9$ various college -activities, and college songs- and cheers kept the spirit, at a'high pitch. The smoker was » opened by the siriging Varsity. Fay Lafferty, '12, presided, and after a few preliminary remarks called on Captain Logan, '12, of the baseball\ 'team. Mr. Logan spoke of the baseball season to date, an;d expressed confidence in Varsity's ' ability to win the two remaining game's. He*further sppke on the sys- tem l oi appointing managers for the various ^athletic teams, and moved that a fiomWirttee be appointed to con- sider a competitive working-out sys- tem, whereby: ?tM' best riien for man- agerial positions -; could be selected. This motion was passed, and Mr. Lafferty appointed as such commit- tee •Messrs. Lpganj ' 12, \Welch '12, -Martel, -'13, Emckson, 'r-3,: Carr, '14, and/ Benjamin, ,'$S>j ' Manager Mcintosh, '33, of the foot- ball team, .spokeof the schedule for nexti: year. The season opens Sep- tember 27; with-St. Michaels, oh the local field. There will then be a game every week, except one,-until the final game with Hamilton at Clinton] November 9. Besides St. Miehaejisj the home games include Norwich October 19, and Hobart, November. 2; and this ^ pugbt ^-to give the stuf dents a chance to see ; some . good football, . for ajl these teams, ark strong, especially MQloatt, which wate the best team in the' IAterrcoHegiite Union last've'ar.. Thfe foreign games will bje ^lay.ed;_W:ith^;^che;si:e^^:Q.etp•- , ber•' 5J M4ddlebury,: ; :-; October 26,^anjd • HamiKo^t, % November 9'. All these games .will b£ stirf propositions,, and we s'hali' need a strong; and fast tearii. ..^&J&M } ;$MM£,'*&^6£. £&&.,'. tracik teami spoke pffhje hard work,'dbtle by %Cmen ,p'n 'l^afek ,Ind \. „neld, and empjia^esP ther'igpoj''- work of \ tSe Fjelhmen who are on the team.- T. F.\ XVilliams, 'jg^j^-&$$&\ Sticks of deie&tmg:^aM^to^ in' Safurdayfis meet.. W.'Wl\ Tf^neft, \'f^a^ cheer leader, impressed the,;* jnen^witli 1 it'He „ (Cbntinilea' to Tpag# iour.) ' AT «K MEET * IIP For. Third Time. This, Year a Varsity Team Humbles' Hamilton—Dual Meet Won After Freeman Breaks Hard Fight—Outcome Doubtful Until the Very End- Pole Vault Record, Calder. the-Two Mile Record.\ an to Three times this year, and in as many sports, has the ibuff and blue of Hamilton drooped before the scar- let and brown of Sti Lawrence. In football last fall the blue battalion fell back before the scarlet line, beat- en-ten to nothing; in baseball this^ spring St. Lawrence was again vie'* torious, by a score bf four to two; 1 on Saturday the track men,. not be outdone by the other teams, prjoved ^their supremacy in a dual m:et by defeating the down-state teinj by-a margin cf ten points. The final score was sixty-three to fifty- three. / Hamilton came with every expec- tation *6f winning, while the St. Law- rence supporters were none too con- fi lent. But the best HJamilton could da was five firsts | against the Var- sity's eight. The, meet was as the onte'st with Rochester the week be- fore; -but it was somewhat different. in. that, from the vjery first, St. Law- rence was always.in the lead. This l:ad, to be sure, was never verv large, at times falling .to a single point. • Again the outcome was settled! in the very last events. ' St. Lawrence liad secured a considerable lead af- er the high-jump,, but it dwindled to ne point\ when FJamilton s^ept the pa^ds^lean^by^ektakikig.- all three lace's in the halfl mile event. The (hammer throw and the two hundred and twenty yard idash settled tlfings, however. When i these had been fought out the Vjarsity led by eleven points, sb that Hamilton's victory in the broad jump Jmade no material dif- ferences i| ; The middle distances furnished the chief excitement! of the meet. In the quarter the menjfwere bunched all the way, but Doddsj struggled thjrough with a final spurt and captured first. Hitchcock finished . second, but later was disqualifieii, . < The half 1 mile dashed St. Lawrence's hopes for a while, as the. thire'e Hamilton runners took all the . points after a heart- breaking finish;! • \ '•' f ' ,, « It was another di.y of conquest for Williams. \DW\ si owed a clean pair of heels to Wspignian, the Hamilton flyer, in their three encounters.! Sweet and Carnal sttilck close in the ham- mer throw and! high\ jump, tieing in each of these 'everits. Freeman had • hard luck ,in the. pole' vault, for after finishing; second he troke the college record by vaulting ten feet, six, inph.es . Wenigman and Eggleston were the star performers for Hamilton. The latter proved jtoo fast for\ the local men in the two mile and mile events. Calder finished second in the twp mile, coming—in under 1 the college re- cord, and in both long distances made\ a plucky fight: - The meet was a fitting-close for a successful' year in -all, branches of ath- letics. ,\.:''• '. One Hundred Yard Dash—Williams, St. L., first; Wenigman, H., second; Robinson,, H.j .third v Time, 10 2-5 se'coiids, ,\ . ' * »'-.' - ' ; Ohe^Mile Run—Egglestp'n, H., first; Calder, St L., second; Alien, St. L„ third. Time, 4 mmutes, 44 2-5 se- conds. ':.'.. * . . SJiofcKutr-Sweet, .' - St\. L., first; Weriigman, H., second; Jessup, H., thitd. DMattce,_4b; feet,,'Jo ir2 inches.. One.;f&Mri&l Yard High Hur- dles---p^|^/Si; K \(*; ; /first; jftpm&#im. H., second. Time, 17 3-5 seconds. Pole Vault—Donaldson, H., first; Freeman, St.- L., second; Canfield, St. L., third. Height, 10 feet, 1-2 inch. Freeman later broke college record.. New height, 10 feet, -oYinches. <- Four Hundred Forty Yard Dash— Dodds, St. L., first; F. ,Lee, H., se- cond; Shaul, H., third-. Time, 54 1-5 seconds. • 1 .=• High Jump—Sweet, 'Carnal, St. L.,. tied for-first; Ells, H., third. Height, 5 feet, 5' 1-4 inches. Two Mile Run—Eggleston, H., first; Calder, St- L., second; Slocum, St. L., third. Time, 10^ minutes, { 18 2-s seconds.- Calder broke • college /ecord. Time, -i^-minutes 20 seconds. Two Hundred Twenty Yard Low Hurdles—Williams, . St. L., first; Wenigmari, H., second; True, H:, third. Time, 27 seconds. Hammer Throw—Sweet, Carnal, St. L., tied for first; Jessup, H., third: Distance, 122 feet, 7 '1-2 inches. Half Mile Run—Hahn,[. H. ; first; Carmer, H., second; T. ; Lee, H., thu-d. Time, 2 minutes, 8 1-5 seconds. E^road Jump—Wenigman, H., first; Sweet, St. L., second; Gardner, St. L., third. Distance, 20 feet, 9 inches. Two Hundred- Twenty Yard Dash -v-Williams, St.\L. first; Wenigman,* H»;—second** Griffiths, ™- St. L., third. Time, 24 seconds. True was third in the high hur- dles but was disqualified for knocking over three hurdles. ' • . Score St. Lawrence ^3, Hamilton S3- . r ' FINAL EXAREH^TirQWff Finals begin Friday, May 31, and continue, eight days, the Jast being on Friday morning, June 7. The morn- ing sessions begin-. at nine o'clock,, arid last three hours, and the after- noon sessions are of the same length, beginning at two o'clock. The .schedule follows: FRIDAY, MAY.31: Morning German 2 German 4 Afternoon Eng. Lit. Eng. Lit. Physics , 2 1 4 10 V- SATURDAY, JUNE 1. Chemistry 2 Zoology 2 Fiiie Arts 2 5 MONDAY; Math. 2 (a) Physics 8 History 2 Latin 12 JUNE 3. History Chemistry Math. 4 Greek 10. Greek 12 Physics 2 Italian 2 TUESDAY, JUNE'4. Latin Math. Greek Physics German -. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 5, Greek 4 \ Erfglish 4 Politics 2 Hist, of Religions Philosophy 2 --' - ' French 6 Geology 2 . .- * English 2 e THURSDAY, JUNE 6> Latin 2 ' f ' Physiology Chemistry 4 Physics 4 Math. 2 (b) ..'.,-', FRTDAY,- JUNE 7. ' ''\' French 2.... . . I, French 4/ ~\~- / Baseball Team Prevented from Play- ing Hobart by Rain—Keuka Hits the Ball for 12 Runs~-and Wins. The Varsity was'^uhable to play Hobart on account •\bfi'-rain. ft was a .great disappointment to the play- ers, as everything pointed to another _ victory. A* thunder Miower camejip just before the start, making it im- # possible to play on the clay fields '• Sweet had been warming up'in. fine style, and Hobart Woufi; have been • lucky to. get^ a single hi£ ~~ : - Only seven innings coura .be played at Keuka, as the Varsity men had to , catch an early train, Wt it was long- enough for a severe drubbing. St. Lawrence was not up to her usual standard, and Keuka won the 'game by a score of twelve to two. Logan was hit rather lreely in the first three innings and this, coupled with indif- ferent, support, allowed the Qppon^' ents.to pile up their large total^The Varsity was just beginn.ing^tonit the Keuka twirler near the close. j St. Lawrence wasj not so much out- classed as the score would indicate.\ The men simply couldn't get iirdp the game with any life, the disastrous opening somewhat (discouraging them. Also, after the hard trip and without practice since the St Michael's ^fame the week before, they were, in poor shape to put up~any fast baseial. St. Lawrence did not register a- taHy un-\ til the fifth. The team opene'd up their battmg eyes- in tbis inning, bunqhing four of their six hits for two runs. Keuka started in the'very first with two runs. The second inning, how- ever,\ decided the -game, > as they pushed six runners across the plate, and then came back in. th.<e> third fpc four more. Aft-er this^Logan tight- ened and Keuka \failed Jto score \in the , three innings following. Summary: ji' Keuka Brishm, J. b. Wallace, 3 b. Patcrowe, s. s. Lptt, q. Grubb, p. Shoemaker, c>f. Demorest, 1. f. Trowbridge, 2.b. McCabe.. r. f. \Ab RHO A E 13 4 o 4 2 *-3- o 4.1 4 i t 2 2 2 1 2 2 1 II 2 O 2. O I 2 O I 0 o o * O O 3 1 2 O 5 o O . O o o 2 O 0 O St. Lawrence Calder,, s. s. Lafferty, 3 b. Rpundy, c. Logan, p. Griffin^ 1 b. Griffiths, 1. f. Sweet,' c. f. Adams, r. f. McDonald, 2 b. 21 I!2 9 21 12 3 '''. 3 ^3 2 3 -3 3^0 o 3 o o o 1 0 ^l^ 1 1 0 o 1 o 3 o 1 o o 1 1 2 2 5 'I- o «o 6 2 o 1 \ i o o o 1 3 ' _ .* 26 2 6.18 9 6 Score: Keuka I2j j St. La^ience 2. Struck put^ By Lofran.4, by, Grubb » 6. Two base hits:-\ Griffin, Rbundy, Brishni, ! -Grubb, Shoemaker: Bases^ on S^' balls: ByJLogan 7, by Grubb 1.. N - . A}eph\: Samech. Gimel, the ! society of the •? .girls~ of the odil year classes, - held its, bi-ehnial initiation and break- fast, |pr the, girls of 1915 this, itnoyn- ingj,\ in\ \(the Athletic field and gym. i The initiation -began shortly ^before six.o'clock. After the \breakfast danc-. ing was enjoyed antileighf o'clock. ^ The following former inenibWrs\ were ^ present as guests: Jessica Merximan, Alida ^artin, Agnes M^Bfiinaldi, Ethel Craig, ^Margaret O'tLeary, ^^ry'Sjrit well, Vera Butterfield, x Pa^y\ Bafry. -

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