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r \> m ^m^-w^ Hill lliii?s F*iitolislieci Every Monday byLthe Press Aaaociatior. 01 the ^t. Lawtenpe University VOL. 1. CANTON, N. Y., NOVEMBER COLLEGE CALENDAR MONDAY, NOVEMBER 27. 1:15 P. M. J Meeting of Ihe Board of Editors of The Hill News in the Fine ? Arts' Room in Richardson Hall. 8:00 P. M. Basketball game in the Gymnasium, McGiU vs. St. Lawrence. | TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 28. 7:00 P. M. Meeting of the Debating Society in Richardson Hall. 7:!30 P. M. Meeting of Science Club in Science Hall. WEDNESDAY,. NOVEMBER 29. ulS^^^'lflianTtsgivihg .Recess *be- WRIT THE ALUMNI ARE DOIKG lOlEIMLL /^o l l l^M^^§^0^^!Sm^ •:••'&#''like Season-Strengtnoi the Canadi- ans Is Unknown, but Fast Game ..' ijs P^oniJSed^nly G^ IJhe ; basketball .;. team has been • r'oi niding iihto yShape In remarkably .QUicfctianei andi_.in,..the. game. :tohight th jre ^hbu^di hera^good )»n. exhibition of ]jteam/WjOrk ;a% is/, usually ' sees in mid-season. McGill is a comparative- ly] unknown quantity, but the Varsity *%ffl 'prSbahly -\beHkept on the move all the time, and there 1& no telling what the score will be at the end There is only one department of the galme m which ( the Varsity has not found its usual form, and that is in the shooting. The short practice held so far has not given some of the men sufficient opportunity to strike their gait in the matter of locating the basket Pay Latterty has not yet re covered from the bad attack of \char- ley horse,\ which he received during football season, but by the date of the New York trip he should be back m his \old form. It has been one oi the gratifying features of the prac- tice so far to see the marked im- provement of some of the men who played on-, the second team last year Tus means a fast teamJior the years tc ] come if the progress as continued It is very important that every stu- dent m| college he at the game to- night, so jithat the team may know that fromt start to finish, the col- lege is behind it, and this yfill be the only opportunity to see the Varsity in action before the trip to New York St. Lawrence Men Making Good In Many Fields of Activity- Judge C. W. Appleton, '97, Com- plimented—Laurentians In the Metropolitan Newspaper World City Magistrate Charles W Apple- tcm, C$7), of New York, has recently been highly commended upon his fair decisions On October 19th, three i pick-pockets were tried before him and found guilty and sentenced to five months, They appealed to the Julges of the General Sessions who affirmed the conviction. Justice,.Otto / A.{ Rosalsky, in .writing the affirma- tion;, fbok. the liberty to r &ay: •» \The record shows that the present case-.was tried by- the leaiiied (Magis- trate, with the.degree of care w^iich should mark every criminal' prbsecu- Av the defend- n, not less in justice to ant whose, liberty--is at stake that tb this People, [whose Tights pill be lul- 1 - projected if, in the establishment ly of of miscarriage a defendant's guilt, no justiee^results from, a,, failure to ccj mply. witb^the rules = of J aw^ ' ''-The. record in-this case fe a model Of judicious fairness, and : s jfree from, legal error.. Were' our magistrates to itfe-^dse' ^rotfght^hefofe -.theiri'\w.ith jthe;.care and', impartiality, 'evinced by this record, there would he few re- versals of convjctions upon appeal.\ • \Short Harper jjMr. Don C. Seitz, whose picture the- Hill News carried in a recent number, i- . . *^ . • • . i.. his just issued a book covering his trap; through. Japan, ca] lejd Njotes' of a' Swift' Journey.\* •&j! Brothers, the ipublisbers of this wjprk, say of it:. jj\Here aire the interesting,.amusing and significant impression 3 of a wide- aiwake* American: travele:-. St \is as far, remoyed from' the. : extra yagaht ettlogy of some writers as from the be- lief in. subtle machihaiidiis of the race held by others. 'I saw simply a smiling country, full of amiable, or- c^erlyf peojfle striving to\ gain, not. the Wastery, but the esteem of iinankind.' Mr Seitz shows a genuine sympathy with the people and appreciation of what they have accomplished and their aims for the future I A recent article in the Hill News 27, ign. J NO. 15. E D. Duryea, '04, has been the head ct the classified advertising depart- ment of Everybody's Magazine for the past year or two and a glance at this section.of the publication today will convince anyone that Eddje is \on the pob.\ SIX 1 * MOlSE Harper &j Brothers, publishers, know a good thing when they get it. Clarence H.. Gaines, '00, has beph, with this concern for a tiumber of years and his signed articles on book criti- cism appearing in Harper's, Magazine are always worthy of cariful- atten- tion. .; Edward B. Lieht, '92/ whp lives at Freeporti is now doing editorial work for the Brooklyn Eagle.! He. has written two or three 1bo<j>ks which have had.a wide reading. ' \ |- ; Irving Bacheller, '82, needs no in- troduction | to IiaurentiansJ H^ was for. a number of years on ,'New York papers before taking, up^literature \in its more serious' phase.' ' L.. Hi Pink, '04, who for the past thTee years has-been head ^worker of the United Neighbothpod u Guild of Brooklyn, as now .the editor and< pub- lisher, of\ a weekly paper called \the \Neighborhood News.\ / This paper is published in. the interest of Settlement work. ..Here is - one paper at least •which ^irall be absolutely jfree from t politicians and moneyed interests. The bold, fearless, editorials bring' back the old debating, days^when, Lou Pink was'the leader in college. G. H. Partridge, '96; is onelof the leading men in ,'the advertising depart- ment of the Engineering Magazine, a technidEJ. magazine of high repute. C. H. Hoard; '03, has been connected with several of the iNew.York papers and is: still interested in journalism. A. J. Ai;il writer on ibr^y, ex-'80, is an editorial the Brooklyn Eagle. L. L. -Beaton, '05, / is manager of one of the departments of ^he New York Evening Post George Obr long series of games in the Gym- sneaking of Mr Herbert F Gunnison, nasmm l durang» the winter will give an admirable opportunity for the continuance of the singing and cheer- other alumni of St \Lawrence who partment; and Mr Don C Seitz as successful newspaper men, brings to| mmd many it injg -which was so admirable at the Hamilton game. B Helmle, '85, is the editor and owner of two newspapers in Ny- ack, N Yl Mr Helmle has been post- master of Nyack for a number of years Jtajmond M. Gunnison, '09. has been •connectec. with the Advertising De- of the New York World since A$ a meeting of the St. Lawrence University, Dramatic Committee, Tues- day evening, it was voted *to give two hundred and fifty dollars, of the dra- matic fund to apply on the endowment fund of two hundred thousand dollars which President Gunnison is endeav- oring to complete. < , The Brooklyn Times, which is partly owned by R G. Ells vorth, '95, is making big strides in the Brooklyn field and has gained largely in -circu- lation. The advertising las also tak- en a big boost since the new owners took hold The \baseball special\ nas one of the features are making good m journalistic work graduation He is making good Anna Root, '07, to give the co-eds iepresent!ation, has done quite a lit- tle art work for one of the magazines. of Brooklyn newspaperdom this summer. 1 - i The of present _ '\Hie Charlat .tans, the dramatic club Hamilton college,., has decided to a modern comedy, entitled r,\ during the sprang. Westerner,' The St. Lawrence County Sicleri- . tfflc Society^ an Organization of Much Importance to the Com- munity—Members oi< St. Law- rence Faculty Interested. ' Pour years ago the science profes- sors and instructors of ..The Potsdam 'State Normal School;- the St. Law- rence University, and the Clarksoh Memorial School of Technology, or- ganized\ the St. Lawrence County Sci- '. entific Society. The near proximity of these three institutions of higher education suggested. an idea of and f organization that could meet regular-1 ly and \\discuss scientific matters of in-; terest to the three schools. • (Meetings are held on the second Saturday-of each month at one W the-' •Schools. At each of these meetings one of the members-presents a paper ,on some^ subject of interest in the scientific-wdrld. Where possible, the. •talks are illustrated by stereopticoh views and \diagrams. The paper * is' 'followed ^by general jdiscussioh of the topic treated- and: \other scientific, questions of the day. ; . : s The memibers of \the Society are 1 :' Professor Towle r President; Rrbfessor Miller,.Secretary and Treasurer; ; Di- rector Brooks', Professor Russell,\ and Professor Wheeler . of the; iClarkson School of^ Technology; Professor Hummer and Dr. Thompson- of the . Potsdam, iNormal; Doctor Henry priest, (Professor t-Hulett, Professor Chad^ick, and Instructors Hallihan, Laidlaw, and Ward Priest of St. Law- rehce University; Professor Storrs, 'Professor -Collier, Doctor Paysdh, aind Dean Cook-of the School d£ Agricul- ture; Dr. McKay of Potsdam/ aiid 'Principal Lewis of I ho Canton .High School. The nextaheeting of the sociejty,will he held in Canton, Saturday, Dec. 16. Instructor wara 'Priest, of the De- partment of Physics of jSt/liawrence,' iWili present a \paper and lead the dis- . cussibn. THELOMATHESIAN MEETING The Thelomathesian met lin Chapel Wednesday morning, President Laffer- ty presiding. ' The following regula- tions were adopted. ___ \No member of a cla\ss who has been dropped into a lower class, be- cause of failure to fulfill the schol- astic requirements for registration in the class of which he was originally a member, shall vote or hold office in that class.'-' ' ^ ^ \A special student will be consid- ered as a member of, the^class'with which he enters, and will beniubject to the foregoing Tegulatmn K >s The use of college songs and yells at any event, other than strictly col- lege functions, is prohibited,\ s? K-d •r j r •'f**.iT. •v;

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