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)&&• I I I - The Hill News Published Every Monday toy the Press Association of the St. Laiwrenoe University VOL. 1. CANTON, N. Y., OCTOBER 23, 1911. NO. .10 ^ S 9 W rr COLLEGE CALENDAR TUESDAY, (OCTOBER 24 1.30 P. M. Meeting of Senior class in. chapelifor election ofi officers. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25 IfllDDLEBURY IS EASILY ROUTED BY S The Scarlet Team SbOWS Up Big Against the Team Irom Vermont oii Athletic Field in a Forty-six to Nothing Game, 400 P. M. Meeting of the Y. W. Large Crowd-St. Lawrence Goal Never in Danger-Many Substi C. A. in Richardson Hall, THURSDAY, 1 OCTOBER 26 * 1 30 P. M. Meeting of the Athle- tica for the election'of officers. MINT NEW' SONGS _J i_ Undergraduate Committee Pre- pares' Several j New College Songs—Long Felt Want at LUst Supplied—Students) Practice Chapel—Attitude oi Faculty in on by the Matter Appreciated Undergraduates! Wednesday morning, the chapel service was given over entirely Professor Ford to the practicing the new college i songs composed by of by the recently appointed Song Com- mittee. Three songs had been writ- ten, and copies of these were iis- tributed among the students and sung with much Enthusiasm. In devoting the chapel period to the practicing of the songs, Professor ' Ford spoke briefly of the importance of such songs as an influence in producing college spiritl ( , , The deplorable lack of a sufficient number of college songs has long been felt by the undergraduate body the was of the University, and even by alumni. Last year the matter' 5 ' brought to a headi by the appoint- ment of a song committee from the student body, to endeavor to satisfy the long-felt want. Several excellent songs were written Iby the committee and the work fairly started. This year„ a new committee has been ap- pointed, and in a remarkably saort time, three songs were, prepared and submitted to the student body. . , THE ST. LAWRENCE RAMj St. Lawrence, mother dear, i To thee we sing, , 1 And through Ithis northern land, | Your praises ring. Wel'll nurl thy colors, bold, To the sky. We'U stand tiy thee to win, ,, To-win, or die. | i CHORUS { Let us cheer with a ram, i A ram, a ram for loyalty, I And again rwlth a Tarn, A rain, a ram for victory. Let us on to 1 the fight, The A fight,* ttxr win our laurels \bright . (Repeat i verse,) j „ t > , V-Air, f \Fordham Ram.\ * MOVING-DAY ON THE HILL Old St. Lawrence means to win », to-day, J. - % Watch the game * and see St. Law- rence play> t Wave .the Scarlet and the Brown (Continued to page four.) tutes Used—Every Man Plays a Fast, Hard Gam . LAWRENCE Saturday, Before a e. In the game ,on Saturday the Var- sity simply swept the Middlebury team off its feet, and time and again the boys earned the ball i down the field-fdr a touchdown until final- ly the score stood at forty-six to nothing Every man on the team played a fast, hard game, and went into each play as though the result of the contest depended upon it Al- though most of the glory belongs to the backfield, the men on the line showed their temper whenever Midj dlebury had the ball, by either throwing the opposing backs for a loss or allowing them only a paltry two or three yards. In only one department of the game did Middle 1 - bury excel, and that was in the punting; for Leonard booted the ball between forty and fifty yards every time that he kicked. \ By a strange coincidence the score of Saturday was within one point of being the- same as the score of the preceedmg game, only reversed, and the men fought like tigers during the s last five minutes of play to bring the score up to this point. The students attended the game in a body, and the large, enthusiastic cheering section was a clear demon- stration of the wisdom of making the athletic tax larger and giving a season ticket to each student. The agitation for more songs and yells also bore fruit on Saturday m the varied singing and cheering that was kept up through the game. The new yell \Laurentia\ was especially effective, and it rang\ across the field as clearly and piercingly as a clarion call. I This yell was sug- gested by Professor Gaines, to whom the thanks of the students are due. Referee Stevens blew his whistle for the stai]t of the game promptly at three o'clock, arid Leonard kicked off to Logan, who was downed on the Varsity|s thirty-yard line. Tlie St. Lawrence backfield immediately began to rip through the Middlebury line, ~and before five minutes had passed Logan broke away the field and a£ter running forty yards crossed the line for ia,< touchdown. Welch kicked the goal, and the Iscore stood six to nothing. Kinney kicked off for St. Lawrenc|e,i * and -Chapman, who received the 'ball, was downed in his tracks^ Howard and. King 1 ,could not gain through the line, and Middle- bury lost the ball on downs to St. goal, and the score stood twelve to nothing. Leonard received tlie kick- off for 'Middlebury. The Middlebury hacks again tried to go througl: the St. Lawrence line, but Leonard was forced to punt and sent the ball soaring for a distance of forty yards. After being penalized for of:'-side play, St. L&wrence also punted. King made an end run of t\ reive yards, and Leanard and Howard by tackle plays secured first down again for Middlebury, but a fumble at ball, this point~gave St. Lawrence the ball Timmerman, who had recovered the on secured five yards run, and Williams fifteen, ter closed with the ball m the an end The' die of the field and the 1 score twelve quar- mid- to nothing. Logan played by fari the best game ID this quarterLaad it was largely -through his work! that St., Lawrence scored. In the secoad quarter the Varsity did not score but nevertheless con- tinued to outplay Middlebury j and kept the\ ball in tho latter's> territory^ most of the time. -ISanney carried! the ball first for St Lawrence and made six yards througl. center. Timmerman secured first down fori the Varsity; then WelQh_ and Logan, between them, circled the ends^ for thirty yards. Withii easy striking distance of the Middlebury goal A St. Lawrence was held for*downs, and immediately kicked out of At this point Lafferty' -and were substituted for Calder Kennedy respectively, j Shay in at right-end for Middlebury, makmg several good gains, the Var- Leonard danger. lately and went After sity attempted a forward, pas: lost the ball W but Smith i tried to get around the end, but was thrown for a loss. - Leonard made one of his long punts and St. Lawrence began working the ball down to'jthe other end^of the field. A severe set-back was received , succesion for loss of the^all in another try at a i After an. exchange of punts, the quarter ended. In the second half Calder and Kennedy went back into the game, Kinney kicked off to Leonard, who carried, the ball ten yards j before he was tackled, a loss, and her punter. gained five 'ter back and Williams was playing at end. Howard caught Kinney's kick- off and brought it back twenty yards. Leonard punted to Timmerman, and then St Lawrence took ^a march down the field for her fourth touch-' down, which was also made by Logan, although this time the ball only had to be carried a short dis- tance for the score Welch kicked his fourth goal and made the score, twenty-foup' to nothing. On receiving the kick-off Leonard punted the ball for a distance of fifty yards. Again the Varsity made one of its trips down tthe field for a touchdown. Welch started things by going twen- ty yards around right end, Calder made the fjrst down; Olds covered eighteen yards on a trick play; and_ then, after a few more plays, Tim- merman was rammed ' over] for a touchdown? Welch for the first time, did not kick the 1 goal, and the? score was twenty-nine to nothing. I In the first play off the last quar- ter Hutchins got through the line and threw Smith for a loss. Leonard covered i eight yards by skirting the left tackle, but as Howard couhi not gain on the next-play the ball/ re- Verted to St. Lawrence. The Var- sity now displayed^ more snap than ever, and a run of twenty yards by Timmerman was followed by three successful forward passete on one *of which Calder made thirty yards. ' Welch scored the touchdown and kieted the goal. Gardner went in at fullback at and 1 Kinney uras trans- ferred to Hutchins's place on the line. On the, kick-oft Shay obtained the ball and made a pretty' run , through the field for twenty yards. Kinney broke through 1 and blocked Leonard's punt, and then fell on-4;he ball. Gardner Isoon carried the_ball over lor still another) * touchdown. Welch kicked the goal,'and the score stood forty-one to nothing. Calder recovered a fumble by Middlebury just after the ' kick-off, and Gris- wold, Welch, and Logan, by succes- -(Continued to page four.) Lawrence. On the next play, William; / made nis-.third touchdown of circled „the [end for a gain of forty- game on a-ong Tunjiofl fo^ty-five yards, and Logan followed suit by yards arouni end. <. Welch' kicked dodging the Middlebury fends tor' a run of twenty-five yards, and. anoth- er touchdown. Welch kicked! the PHI SIGMA KAPPA The annual initiatory banquet of in two penalizations in* the Xi Chapter of Phi* Sigma Kappa off-side „play, and in the was held at the chapter house, Sat- urday\ evening. Everett A. Quacken- busbi '07, presided as toastmaster. Robert P. Armtiong, al graduate from the Alpha chapter, gave reminiscense's of life there. William W. King, a , member of Tau chapter, brought con- gratulations from „ Dartmouth. ,. Among the alumni ' present,, were Frank 3. Crary, '08, Ernest J, Baldi win, '11, Ralph W. Howard, ex-'ll, and Henry X.. Phelps, ex-'14. The initiates, all members of the class of 1915, were Proctor C. Gilson, of Dekalb; Ray l L. Jewett, of Redwood; Robert* A. Johnson, of Gouvemeur; Robert G. Wallace, of Canton; Wil- liam 3. Wilson, of Niagara Balls; and Floyd E. Woods, of Hermon . Shay was thrown for Middlebury resorted to WilliantsJ caught the punt. Logaja, after Timmjerman had* yards through, tackle, the the goal,\ making the scorje eighteen to nothing, tn this part ok the game Welch was running the team at quar-

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