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The Altamont Enterprise - Thursday, December 25; 2008 TJie Enterprise opinion pages are an open forum for our community. We encourage readers to express their thoughts about issues that appear in this newpaper of affect the community. Letters should be brief (with an outside limit of 1,000 words) and must include the writer's address, name, and phone number for verification. The editors may reject letters that have been printed elsewhere. Letters concerning elections will be cut off one issue before the election at the <•*\ . j* - editor's discretion. No unsigned letters.' \ <£9, ^f¥f\& Deadline for letters is Tuesday at noon. Thanks to Santa and the gang for making Christinas merry for 140 kids To the Editor: On I)ec,,!7, a-Christmas parade w^.hel^.'4^.<1^e^ito\mof-^eii^e. ! f :%e ^otiidriikie to thank the following: •.',_'.•' -^.The Berne Fire department for the use of its truck for trans- porting our special guest; — Jan YanEtten, of VanEtten Christmas Trees; Jean • .; Fortij and Jeff Gripjiin for making the wreath in front of the Mason Hall; This was later decorated with eatable decorations for our feathered friends; -^ The Boy Scouts for cleaning the hall.: That was a huge help; — The Berne Fire Depart- ment Auxiliary for its generous donation; —The Albany County Sheriff s Department for helping us with traffic; — The leaders and children of; tne iprgahizations for making cookies,;;that the children later dje'Cb'iSatisdl.' 1 .; .•;•••' • ';'.'.;\.. ',: :t^ The Altampnt Enterprise fbi\\ : cq^dng;;^d>taMng our pic- tures;^ '. .';• .'-,\';... -r-The Town of Berne Highway Department for hanging the And let's not forget two very special people for taking time from their busy schedule to be in our parade. banners and making the town look festive; — The Masons for the use of their hall, hot chocolate, popcorn, and their generous donation. They have been doing this for. over 20 years for the Hilltowh children So, we would hke to extend a big \thank you\ for all; ypiir years of service to the community; -^- Also, to Jodi, Staci, and Linda. And let's not forget two very special people for taking time from their busy schedule to be in .'', '•' , our parade and tak- ing time to greet the children at the party Thank you, Mr and Mrs Santa Claus We had over 140 children — thank you, parents' Thanks to all for making this day a huge success. Merry Christmas! Bonnie Conklin Town of Berne Historical Society Old Men of the Mountain Tall tales of ice woes coping with generators storm, wood stoves By John R. Williams On Dec, 16, the Old Men of the Mountain met at the Home Front Cafe in Altamont. The at- tendance surprised many of the OFs because of the power out- ages, and basically the weather. We did have a good group. Now when an OF takes. a shower many times it is work. Even getting dressed is a task that is looked at,for some time before starting. It puts the OFs in good stead when they go through all this, and then challenge the weather and make it to the breakfast. Good for us. : Of course, the main topic of discussion, this morning was the weather. All the ^_^_ i _ i _ OFs had stories to tell about themselves, their relatives, and their friends. Our voices this morning joined the chorus of many who had their own tales of ice woes. Those with trees down, power out, holes in the roof, tree limbs on cars, wires down, pots exploding, roads closed, animals in distress — the whole ball of wax and for once we were there among them. Some of the OFs (in fact many of the OFs) haye whole house generators, as well as standard shop-type generators, In situa- tions like this, these, are worth a million dollars. The OFs with the whole-house generators, found outhow much fuel they use if they-ruri them for a long time. With power outages like, the one the: northeast just experienced, it is good to have a large tank of prbpane -and haye it ftfll because the ones with the 30 horsepower engines use two gallons an hour under full load. Some of the OFs have wood furnaces, and wood stoves. These, too, were a big help with the power out. Those with the outside wood furnaces need electricity fdf theni to wojrk. With tliis type of unit, a'generator is algO a fe^ quirement. We have an OF with this type of heat supply, and his neighbor had power and they ran a lead to the furnace so this OF made out fine for heat. We talked about the old wood- type kitchen stoves arid how practical they would be in this kind of situation. Not many of those old Kalamazoos are around anymore. We also noted how the shelters were set up and where they were. One OF said they went to work in one and very few people took advantage of it. The OFs assumed that those on the Hill are ready for weather like this and many, if they have lived there any length of time, have been through some miserable storms on The OFs with the whole-house generators, found out how much fuel they use if they run them for a long time. the Hill. This also brought out how people checked on other people to see if they were OK. Oh the Hill anyway this goes on even if there isn't a major event like this ice storm. If it is noticed someone on the Hill has a change pf habit, such as not being out and about as usual, someone goes and checks to be sure that nothing has happened to them. This is nice to know. , : Now to soinething a little more normal for tneOFs, In almost all the restaurants the OFs attack, they have milk either in the little plastic things of in stainless- steelrcbveffd,pitcher4ypei things. Also if they don*tihave the synip for the pancakes in a syrup, bbttlej they! have them in the stainiessrsteei-covered pitcher- type things. At the Home Front Cafe they use the stainless-steel- covered pitcher-type; things. When we first arrive, the wait- resses serve up the coffee, and many of the waitresses know whjp is regular and who is decaf This morning* One of the OFs is in the middle of a conversation and the waitress fills his cup with coffee and the OF continues with hisconversation, and nods a thank-you to the waitress^ He then reaches for the stainless^ steel-covered pitcher-type thing, and continues to talk while pour- ing the contents of the pitcher in his coffee, stirs and drinks. (Here is where the scribe wishes words could be turned into pictures.) The look on his face is so con- torted that even the wrinkles didn't know where to go. The OF said, \Has anyone tried syrup in their coffee?\ Then he started blaming the OF across from him at the.table for ordering pancakes. Then he blamed the restaurant for not ^ having two separate containers — one for milk and one for syrup that didn't look alike, and then he wanted to palm the coffee off to anyone who said they used syrup in their Coffee. No takers. Condolences The Old Men of the Mountain wish to offer their condolences to Jim Rissacher on the passing of his father this past week. Tough oi* stupid As the scribe sits pounding this out on the computer it is snowing to beat the band; and the temp is 17 degrees. Should the OFs that stay here really brag about their toughness, or ajre we just stupid, and it is the smart ones that have flown south. Those: OFs that did hang around to face the elements and commiserate.about the weather onrTuescfeys were: Skip Skinner, Arnold Geraldsen, Carl Walls, Miaer Stevens, Roger Chapman, Robie Osterman, \John Ross- mariri, Steve Kielly, Mace Porter, Harold Guest, Ted. Pelkey, Paul Paulsen, Jim Rissacher, Harold Ofippen, ted Willsey* Willard Qstefhout, and me. the Old Men pf the Mountain wish eyeryone' a very Merry Christmas, and may all yOur wishes come true. - The Enterprise — Michael Koff Frostyis well-dressed in a bowler and smoking a pipe; he wears his heart on his chest as.he stands watch on Sir Charles Way in Guilderland Is Today's Heating Oil 1 if' •- >5W) Auto Delivery • 24-Hour Emergency Service • Heating/Air Conditioning •Residential/Commercial FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED •Posted Price on 12/19/2008. Price Changes Daily Ail. HA L $13.00 ^ 34 South Main Street •\ Voorheesville TUESDAY-FRIDAY 10-6 SATURDAY 10-2 www.mensroom.biz our wonderfulfriends, we extend our sincere appreciation for your Cgyafty andgoodwid ... and vest wishes for a fpCiday Season vm Foley's Garage, Inc. Depot Roadj Aitampnt, N.Y. Since 1959

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